Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Girl Scouts Need Help

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Girl Scouts Need Help

Hi! My name is Ella. I’m 9, and I’m from Girl Scout Troop 54029. This year we are participating in the 2017 Girl Scout Bronze Award. The Girl Scout Bronze Award is what junior Girl Scouts do to make a difference in the world. These are the steps we do for the Bronze Award:

Step1: Make a team

Step 2: Get together

Step 3: Pick a project

Step 4: Plan

Step 5: Make a difference

We are making a difference by saving a life! Not a human life, a life at the animal shelters. We are making donation boxes for toys, beds, anything for pets, really.

The thing my troop needs to tell you is that we have a problem. We need your help to spread the word. We have put out donation boxes around town

and need people to know about them. Also, we hope people will save a life at the animal shelter and make a difference in the world by giving these animals a real home, a place to make them feel loved.

Thank you for reading this letter and know that if you do this huge favor for us, you’ll save many lives at the animal shelter.

Donation boxes are located here until July 21:

  • Giant - University Plaza

  • Safeway - Burke Center

  • South Run Regency Pool and Racquet Club

  • Lake Braddock Community Center Office

Thank you,

Ella Osborne & Troop #54029

(Victoria Wood, Erin Anderson, Lilly Berry, Carys Clayton, and Radha Samuel)