Fairfax Education

Fairfax Education


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Two Sides to Two and a Half Cents in Fairfax County

Supervisors to vote on proposed budget, possible real estate tax increase on May 1.

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Brabrand Returns to Fairfax Rotary Club

Fairfax County School Superintendent presents an update on the county school system.

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Robinson Teacher Celebrates Birthday with a Cause

Megan Thrift collects donations to Everytown for Gun Safety.

Week in Fairfax

Science Innovation and Inspiration

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‘This Could Have Ended in Tragedy’ in Fairfax

Police arrest teen who allegedly threatened harm at Fairfax High.

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Extracurriculars: Secret Sauce of Success in Fairfax County

Superintendent’s budget eliminates barrier of $50 activity fee.

Commentary: Encroachment in the Parks in Fairfax County

Fairfax City Projects on the Horizon

Schools, Parks and Recreation, share their CIP proposals.

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Fairfax Preschool to Expand in the Fall

Diana Jenkins oversees Fairfax United Methodist Church Preschool.

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Effort to Force Diversity at TJ School Fails

Lawmakers reject bill that would have required governor’s school to admit poor students.

For Students Serious about Their Acting in Fairfax

A glimpse into the Fairfax Academy’s Musical Theatre Actors’ Studio.

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Fairfax High presents ‘The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940.’

Fairfax High presents “The Musical Comedy