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Gun Violence Hits Too Close to Home

Chantilly mom plays small part to help Democrats win big Nov. 6.

Commentary: Green for Medicaid

The most important vote I have ever taken.

Commentary: Decision Slows Transportation Progress

Commentary: Small But Needed Step in the Right Direction

Why raising the felony larceny threshold to $500 is an important step in Virginia?

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Making History in Fairfax City

So Lim, Sang Yi are first Asian-Americans elected to City Council.

Commentary: Supporting Health of all Virginians

Proposed Fairfax County Budget Hit All the Right Notes

Meet Fairfax City Council Candidates

Four incumbents, four challengers vie in May 1 election.

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Small Victory Against Gun Violence in Virginia

New state license plate bill calls motorists to action and “Stop Gun Violence.”

Opinion: Editorial: Expansion of Health Care in Virginia?

After years of hoping, it’s possible Medicaid expansion will come on April 11; say a prayer.

Confusion, Anger, Agenda Difficulties in Fairfax County

Public safety committee meeting focuses on ICE, without ICE at the table.

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‘It’s a Privilege to Serve You’ in Fairfax City

Mayor holds campaign kickoff in reelection bid.