All Aboard!

All Aboard!

Tall Ship Providence launches regional school program.

Students participate in knot relay activity aboard the Tall Ship Providence moored at the Alexandria waterfront.

Students participate in knot relay activity aboard the Tall Ship Providence moored at the Alexandria waterfront.

If you’ve strolled along the waterfront in Old Town this past year, you can’t help but have noticed the beautiful new pier adorned with American flag bunting leading to Tall Ship Providence and its elegant, permanent home, the Senator John Warner Maritime Heritage Center. 

In her second season at this location, Providence continues to draw residents and visitors alike as she welcomes guests aboard the ship to experience life at sea during the American Revolution and the many challenges endured by her Captain and young crew.

Tall Ship Providence Foundation (TSPF) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the mission of educating young and old alike on the role Providence played in the American Revolution. Offering public sails, private charters and daily tours, Providence has become a hub of activity along the City’s waterfront.

This spring, TSPF launched an exciting new program under its 4th Grade Education Program which was made possible by a grant from HII: Newport News. The purpose of the “Field Trip Program” is to provide all Title One students, and others from under resourced areas, the opportunity to visit the ship free of charge including transportation costs. The curriculum has been designed to align with the state’s 4th grade history content and includes several STEM components as well.

The Foundation hopes to enable students to step out from behind desks and computers to engage in a unique, hands-on experience intended to inspire, educate and encourage them to “dream big!”

TSPF’s 2024 program goal is to serve 50 local schools, 43 of which have already committed, providing there is funding available. The Foundation is seeking local businesses, individuals and anyone who supports hands-on, experiential learning as a means of capturing student’s interest in learning to help support this important effort.

If you, or someone you know, would like to sponsor a class, school or entire district you can make your donation today at or contact Kathy Seifert, VP of Development and Marketing, at